Century C2 Carp Rods
Century C2 Carp Rods

Century C2 Carp Rods

These new premium range rods are described by Century as 'Masters Rods' and represent the 'next generational' leap in carp rod technology.

Featuring innovative new resin technology that produces a blank action not previously seen in top end carp rods, these rods are sure to create massive interest to the angler who insists on the best and is prepared to pay for it.

The new Century Command & Control (C2) is available in 2.75lb, 3.25lb or 3.5lb test curves. All 12ft models.

The 12ft, 2.75lb and 3.25lb models are built on low diameter mandrels and are super slim - approx. 13mm diameter just above the ALPS reel seat. The initial impression of the action is medium to parabolic but this is deceptive because they pack a lot more punch than the diameter would suggest. These rods are designed for medium size venues where operating at ranges of up to 130m is sufficient scope. The playing action can best be described as progressively parabolic and pressure can be applied with confidence: the action does not lock up and the rod gradually delivers resistance and sympathetically enhances the anglerís skills. The 3.25lb test curve model has slightly more capability at the extreme end of the suggested range, whereas the 2.75lb test curve model is geared up for canals, smaller venues or the ultimate in playing action.

The 12ft, 3.5lb model is adapted to situations that require longer range. The butt diameter just above the ALPS reel seat is 15mm. The slightly faster taper and disposition in the multi pattern layup of special accelerator carbon fibres give the rod scope for casting to ranges well in excess of 150m. The same deep progressive action is manifest and the paradox is more evident. How can this action deliver distance and play out as it does? The HPR combination of 3M Matrix Resin and Autoclave Technology enables casting at ranges further than the static action would suggest whist maintaining a sweet playing action. 

Features include the following:

  • 1K-1K woven carbon weave to 1st K guide on top section.
  • Sealed in long life, low scratch PTFE finish.
  • Shrink rubber/EVA hybrid butt grip.
  • Fuji SiC Anti Tangle K guide: size 40 graduated to size 12 tip.
  • Custom laser graphics on ALPS frosted titanium grey reel seat.
  • Dark grey tyings.
 Ordering Information
 Code  Description RRP Our Price Purchase
 C212275  Century C2 Carp Rods 12ft 2.75lb £445.00 £410.00 BUY NOW
 C212325  Century C2 Carp Rods 12ft 3.25lb £447.00 £413.00 BUY NOW
 C212350  Century C2 Carp Rods 12ft 3.50lb £449.00 £415.00 BUY NOW
 C213350  Century C2 Carp Rods 13ft 3.50lb £475.00 £439.00 BUY NOW
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