Daiwa Basia DF Carp Rod
Daiwa Basia DF Carp Rod

Daiwa Basia DF Carp Rod

Early in 2012 Daiwa had a conversation with director Robin Morley and he was obviously excited with the new range of carp rods that were being developed, the Basia DFs. So having arrived at a recent Daiwa tradeshow in Doncaster they were my first port of call. I was given the rods background and technical details by product manager Darren Peel and its fair to say I was very impressed. 

Rod development broke new ground thanks to our unique bias carbon material; the Basia DFs and the NewEra fly rods deliver amazing performances. However our accessory range is booming with new gear. To hint at just a couple; the Infinity range has over fifty new products, there are also seat boxes, game clothing and luggage, soft lures and some amazing carp hooks from Gamakatsu.

By combining a core of high modulus low resin fibre armoured with outer layers of Bias carbon we have been able to reduce the diameter of the MT performance. Importantly this harmony of materials harnesses more potential energy that when released applies more power to the cast. The added benefit of the Bias is a higher torque resistance contributing to better straight line accuracy and a crisper recovery. Furnished to the same 'custom' standard as other DF's each model feature 50mm butt guides, a profiled NS grip handle and a low glare matt finish. 

Features include the following:

  • Designed in conjunction with Danny Fairbrass.
  • Reduced diameter blanks with MT tip action.
  • Ultra High-grade carbon armoured with BIAS.
  • Silk matt low glare finish.
  • Fuji DPS reel seat.
  • Profiled NS shrink tube handle.
  • Black Metal butt cap and trim rings.
  • Custom built finish throughout.
 Ordering Information
 Code  Description RRP Our Price Purchase
 BDFC2300  Daiwa Specimen Basia DF 12ft 3.00lb Rod 490.00 399.00 BUY NOW
 BDFC2334  Daiwa Specimen Basia DF 12ft 3.75lb Rod 510.00 410.00 BUY NOW
 BDFC2350   Daiwa Specimen Basia DF 12ft 3.50lb Rod   500.00 405.00 BUY NOW
 BDFC2314   Daiwa Specimen Basia DF 12ft 3.25lb Rod  500.00 405.00 BUY NOW
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