The exciting range of silver fish ground baits and liquids designed by world leading anglers and ground bait specialists. Silver X combines the very best ingredients and the latest fish catching technology.

Dynamite Baites Silver X BreamTHE SILVER X BREAM GROUND BAIT

A sweet mix that is ideal for putting through the feeder but can also be made into balls for cupping, catapulting or throwing. Mixed on the dry side it makes a highly attractive feeder groundbait. Add more water and you will increase its binding properties allowing you to make it into balls and carry loose feed to the bottom. The Super Red version scores highly in coloured water thanks to its bright colour and the Original resembles a traditional bream mix with a lovely golden appearance. Bream go mad for all three of the groundbaits and, apart from the fishmeal version, all smell very sweet.

Sweet smelling aroma that bream love (apart from the fishmeal version).
Easy to mix.
Can be used in a feeder or made into balls.
Available in fishmeal version for commercial fisheries. 

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 Silver X Bream Ground Bait Original 1kg £3.99 BUY NOW
 Silver X Bream Ground Bait Super Red 1kg £3.99 BUY NOW
 Silver X Bream Ground Bait Specimen Orig. 1kg £3.99 BUY NOW


This groundbait is made from a sweet biscuit that combines with ground seeds to give it an attractive aroma ideal for roach and other silver fish. The addition of Coriander makes it a very active mix and the inclusion both crushed and grilled hemp enhance its pulling power with roach. One of the reasons why this groundbait is so good is its versatility Ė mixed on the dry side it is ideal for targeting shallow venues. Add more water and it can easily be moulded into balls that can be thrown in and carry your bait to the bottom on rivers and deep lakes. You can get this groundbait in Original and Super Black. The darker version is better suited to clear venues.

Versatile (can be used for most tasks).
Easy to mix.
An active groundbait that draws fish into your swim.
Low feed content -Available in Super Black for clear venues.
Supplied in 1kg bags 

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 Silver X Roach Ground Bait 1kg Original £3.99 BUY NOW
 Silver X Roach Ground Bait 1kg Super Black £3.99 BUY NOW


As you'd expect, this mix is designed to sink quickly on flowing water so is quite heavy and quite heavy which means that it can carry large quantities of bait or particles The wetter you make this groundbait the stickier it will become (without the mix becoming sloppy). And the more it binds, the faster it will sink. It's always worth carrying a bag of Silver X River with you wherever you go because it's the ideal addition to other groundbaits if you want to add something that will stiffen them up for when flows increase or you need to make your groundbait hold more feed.

Heavy mix for flowing water.
Designed for catching chub, roach, barbel and bream.
Can be used for throwing in or in a feeder when mixed dry.
Will alter the way any other mix behaves.

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 Silver X River Ground Bait 1kg Original £3.99 BUY NOW

Dynamite Baits Silver X Canal - RiverTHE SILVER X CANAL & LAKE GROUND BAIT

The finest mix in the Silver X range which has a sweet smelling aroma and is very versatile. When mixed on the dry side and fed into the swim it forms a lingering cloud which is ideal for shallow water or when you are looking to create a cloud and catch on the drop. If you add a bit more water you can create balls of groundbait that will get to the bottom and create a bed of bait that is low in feed. As with all groundbaits in the Silver X range, this mix contains no salt so is fully bloodworm and joker friendly. It comes in Original, Super Red and Super Black colours so you can tailor the colour of your mix to the venue you are targeting.

Sweet, fine groundbait.
Proven winner on stillwater's and canals.
Great for attracting roach, bream, perch and skimmers.
 Available in Original, Super Red and Super Black colours 

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 Silver X Canal & Lake Ground Bait 1kg Original £3.99 BUY NOW


These are the only two Feeder groundbaits that you need. The Explosive version is full of crushed and grilled hemp which makes it highly active and literally explode out of the feeder so that your feed is released quickly. This mix is great on rivers when targeting chub and barbel but also makes a great roach groundbait. The Specimen version is brown in colour and contains plenty of crushed pellet as well as some other large particles. It's brilliant for plugging open-ended feeders and holding large quantities of loose feed firmly in place. The pellet content makes it great for bream, barbel, tench and carp.

Available in Explosive and Specimen versions.
Suited to lakes and rivers.
Great for attracting all key species.
Explosive releases from the feeder quickly 

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 Silver X Feeder Ground Bait 1kg Explosive Mix £3.99 BUY NOW
 Silver X Feeder Ground Bait 1kg Specimen Mix £3.99 BUY NOW


This is a heavy, particle-rich groundbait designed for the angler who is targeting big bream, tench, carp and barbel. It has a high food content so will hold the attentions of big fish that want to graze over a bed of bait Ė something you canít achieve with finer mixes. It binds well so you can also add extra particles to the mix if you want to get even more bait into the swim. Itís available in a choice of Original and Super Red with the coloured version proving very effective for tench and carp.

Heavy, coarse groundbait.
Packed with particles and attractants.
Designed for holding big fish in your swim.
Available in Original and Super Red 

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 Silver X Specimen Ground Bait 1kg Original £3.99 BUY NOW
 Silver X Specimen Ground Bait 1kg Super Red £3.99 BUY NOW
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