Fox Sky Pod RangeThe Fox Sky Pod has taken rod pod design into another dimension. Specifically designed for those large Continental rivers and lakes, the Sky Pod is so flexible that it is still at home on the banks of a traditional English carp lake. Available in either a 3 or 4 rod set up, the Sky Pod can be adjusted from a horizontal plane to literally pointing skywards allowing you to get over any snags often found on big European waters. The centre body can be adjusted in length to give greater stability when used at an acute angle. Undoubtedly this is one of the most stable set-ups around making it an essential piece of kit when fishing at long range on huge Continental lakes and powerful wide rivers. With the rod tips positioned high an enormous amount of pressure is transferred to the pod itself, but even in windy conditions and fishing against a powerful current with big leads, the Sky Pod will be rock solid. The uniquely shaped aluminium body on which the Sky Pod has been built guarantees a wobble free set-up. It also ensures perfect alignment of Microns and Butt Caps. For all this stability you would expect the Sky Pod to be heavy but with this very unique design weight has been kept to a minimum to allow for light, easy transportation.

Code RP3573 Sky Pod (3 Rod Version) Including Carry Case
RP4006 Sky Pod (4 Rod Version) Including Carry Case
RP3576 Sky Pod Butt Cups
RP3577 Sky Pod Feet x 4

Rotate the thumb turn to adjust the pitch of the buzz bars on the Sky Pod .
The length of the body can be adjusted by opening the Cam-Loks, to suit rod lengths and increase stability when used in Sky Pod mode.  The rear buzz bar can be moved along the body to give greater height and to suit rod lengths

 Ordering Information
 Code  Item Description RRP Our Price Purchase
 RP3573  Fox Sky Pod + Carry Case 3 Rod 299.99 279.99 BUY NOW
 RP3276  Fox Sky Pod Butt Caps   6.25 BUY NOW
 RP3574  Fox Sky Pod 3 Rod Buzz Bars   20.49 BUY NOW
 RP3575  Fox Sky Pod 4 Rod Buzz Bars   25.50 BUY NOW
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