Kryston Krystonite Super Mono
Kryston Krystonite Line
KRYSTONITE is not just another good quality mono; no
KRYSTONITE is an exceptional line with many unique characteristics.

KRYSTONITE has been extensively used and thoroughly tested over a three-year period in the toughest conditions possible to find...tropical shallow saltwater angling! The harsh conditions of this extreme environment cannot be overstated. The combinations of blazing sun, abrasive sand, corrosive salt, sharp coral, sea fans and all manner of underwater hazards will soon expose the limitations of any normal mono.

No line on earth will ever resist the cutting edge of coral not even our famous Ton-up, coral will even cut through wire. But out of all of the mono's that were tested, and they included many well-known brands KRYSTONITE proved to be the best of all for its low diameter and all round ability. If KRYSTONITE can handle this type of fishing then it will easily cope with anything freshwater has to throw at it.

The abrasion resistance testing of the line was based on matching true diameters and not claimed breaking strains.
KNOTS...Important. Determining accurate line strength is never a straightforward affair.  There is no single knot that is best for all types of line. Every different type of line has its own favourite knot. Normal nylon mono prefers a knot that would be totally unsuitable for use with a braided line. Fluorocarbons also have their own preferred knots.  The strength of the line depends on which type of knot the line is happy with. So which is the best knot for a hybrid line such as KRYSTONITE?

The very simple and easy to tie Palomar knot will guarantee to give you consistent maximum line and knot strength and is highly recommended.

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