Nash Tackle Deliverance Ball Maker
Nash Tackle Deliverance Ball Maker in 20mm or 40mm Sizes

Nash Tackle Deliverance Ball Maker in 20mm 30mm or 40mm Sizes

The revolutionary deliverance ball maker , an ingenious device to mould loose feed/groundbait into compressed balls, for accurate and long range baiting.

For optimum results experiment to achieve the best consistency of loose feed groundbait.

Features include the following:

  • Fill large cup with bait until level. Insert small cup and push down hard.
  • Push button to release in large cup and remove small cup from large cup.
  • Push button release in small cup to remove bait ball.
 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 T2890  Nash Tackle 40mm Deliverance Ball Maker 9.99 BUY NOW
 T2892   Nash Tackle 30mm Deliverance Ball Maker  8.99 BUY NOW
 T2891  Nash Tackle 20mm Deliverance Ball Maker 7.99 BUY NOW
 T2893   Nash Tackle 60mm Deliverance Ball Maker 11.99 BUY NOW
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