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  NUTRABAITS BASE MIXESNutrabaits fourteen base mixes have become household names in the world of carp fishing. From Romsey to Rome, Europe’s carp anglers have switched on to Nutrabaits. Starting with just two mixes, our range of fully researched products now encompasses every type of base mix you could wish for, from a pure milk protein mix to an irresistibly attractive hemp mix. Yes, Nutrabaits can provide you with a bait for all waters and all seasons. There’s no secrecy either: all the ingredients are listed on the packaging and our unique production facilities ensure that the precise blend of ingredients that you bought last year will have exactly the same composition next.
Base Mixes are available in new-style re-sealable 1.5kg bags, 10kg buckets and 20kg sacks.


The highly digestible G-Force recipe contains no milk proteins and no run of the mill fishmeal ingredients, making it radically different to everything else that is out there and absolutely ideal for use on even the most pressured of venues. It boasts a superbly balanced nutritional profile and is absolutely packed with a whole host of in-built attractors including spirolina, human food grade scallop, kelp and seaweed, spice and marine extracts and natural emulsifiers, all of which ensure that it is suitable for both long and short term applications at any time of the year. Smell wise we suspect G-Force will strike you as being very familiar, yet difficult to put your finger on! For best results, use in conjunction with the suggested inclusion rate of G-Force liquid.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU014  Nutrabaits G-Force 1.5kg Base Mix £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU034  Nutrabaits G-Force 10kg Base Mix £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU060  Nutrabaits G-Force 20kg Base Mix £160.00 BUY NOW


Even before Nutrabaits came on the scene the carp world was aware of the attractive properties of liver and spices but, until Ener-vite arrived, nobody had thought to combine the attractive food qualities of proteins, mixed seeds, carbohydrates and liver powder with the superb pulling power of Robin Red and other mixed spices. Ener-vite can be regarded as both a high energy, short term bait or as a long term one. When used with an elevated attractor level it will prove instant on any water.

Ener-vite has stood the test of time and many anglers who drifted away from it in the early nineties are now rediscovering how extraordinarily effective it can be. Use either on its own with the attractors of your choice, or mixed 50/50 with either Big Fish Mix or Trigga.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU002  Nutrabaits Ener-vite Base Mix 1.5kg £11.25 BUY NOW
 NU022  Nutrabaits Ener-vite Base Mix 10kg £69.90 BUY NOW
 NU042  Nutrabaits Ener-vite Base Mix 20kg £132.50 BUY NOW


This is a natural progression from Ener-vite, being a full-blown birdfood mix containing a blend of some of the most successful and well proven birdfoods ever. Our aim was to create a high energy, high leakage bait with a swift digestibility factor that could create a long term food source when sensibly applied. That Nutrabaits have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams can be shown by the extraordinary results of Julian Cundiff who used an unchanged Ener-vite Gold recipe for five years. One of the best attractor packages ever is Strawberry Nutrafruit and Cream Elite along with Bergamot Essential Oil, but any fruit/spice combination is likely to be equally successful on this highly versatile base mix.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU003  Nutrabaits Ener-vite  Gold Base Mix 1.5kg £11.25 BUY NOW
 NU023  Nutrabaits Ener-vite Gold Base Mix 10kg £69.90 BUY NOW
 NU043  Nutrabaits Ener-vite Gold Base Mix 20kg £132.50 BUY NOW


This is a totally unique mix unlike anything else currently available. The key ingredient is a bio-active meat protein extract which, when combined with rennet casein, caseinate, selected carbohydrates, liver powder and a subtle blend of stimulating L-aminos, creates a totally attractive, highly digestible bait. Additional built-in attraction comes in the form of our own individual Spicy Beef Extract along with selected vitamins and minerals. There is so much that is 'different' about the Biollix that it is an ideal choice for use on any pressured day-ticket water that has been bombarded with the more popular fishmeal and birdfood baits. The very individual attraction of this mix means that it is best suited to savoury flavours and attractors, and some anglers have used it straight from the bag (no additional attractors) with great success. Try a mix with 6g of both Betaine and Green Lipped Mussel Extract with 1ml N-Butyric Acid to make high attract Biollix hookbaits. Awesome!!

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU004  Nutrabaits Biollix Base Mix 1.5kg £16.20 BUY NOW
 NU024  Nutrabaits Biollix Base Mix 10kg £100.00 BUY NOW
 NU044  Nutrabaits Biollix Base Mix 20kg £190.00 BUY NOW


The attraction in The Fishfood Mix comes from our unique blend of L-amino acids, along with vitamins and minerals, while the digestibility factor is provided by a tantalising mix of three highly refined fish meals, together with a rennet casein and Sluis CLO. The result is a mix that rolls superbly and which, thanks to the Nutragel content, boils hard throughout in 75-90 seconds.

The inherent natural oil content of the fish meals used in The Fishfood Mix means you do not have to add large amounts of fish oils to make the bait attractive and 15ml of Pure Salmon Oil or Complete Food Oil is all you need to give added attraction to your baits. You can use any of the Elites, Nutrafruits, Nutraspices or UTCS flavours with total confidence along with essential oils and liquid food additives.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU005  Nutrabaits The Fish Food Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU025  Nutrabaits The Fish Food Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU045  Nutrabaits The Fish Food Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


You may not know it, but if you are a BFM user you owe a great big 'thank you' to well known big fish man Dave Moore. He is the guy who has made so many anglers' dreams come true, for it was Dave who developed this incredible mix for us. Why is it so good? Put simply, this base mix is the optimum blend of highly digestible fish meals, top quality milk proteins, Sluis CLO and Robin Red available.

Thanks to Nutrapro and Nutralac it is a mix which rolls superbly well and boils hard in 75-90 seconds. You can enhance its attraction even more by adding 2-4g Green Lipped Mussel Extract, 2g Betaine and 15ml of Pure Salmon Oil to the eggs. All Nutrabaits flavours complement the Big Fish Mix superbly well but the two most outstanding attractor packages in recent years have been Cranberry Nutrafruit with Nutramino, and Salmon Elite, Caviar UTCS and Black Pepper Oil. Get on it. Make your day!

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU006  Nutrabaits The Big Fish Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU026  Nutrabaits The Big Fish Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU046  Nutrabaits The Big Fish Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


This is to birdfood mixes what BFM is to fishmeals: simply the best! As with Ener-vite Gold, this is a versatile bait with a high energy factor coupled with excellent digestibility. Thus it can be used both as a high attract bait or as a long term food bait. The blend of carefully selected seeds and proteins is boosted by the addition of top quality Kelp Powder which provides many essential key elements of nutrition and digestion.

As you'd expect from Nutrabaits, the mix rolls superbly and boils right through to a hard consistency within 90 seconds. Nutrabaits particularly recommend the use of BSM as an egg-based attractor paste to mould around hookbaits as, due to its coarse texture, attraction fairly floods out once in the water. Top flavours are Cream Elite, the new Wonderfruit and the evergreen Strawberry Nutrafruit. Try adding a few drops of Bergamot Essential Oil as well.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU007  Nutrabaits The Big Seed Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU027  Nutrabaits The Big Seed Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU047  Nutrabaits The Big Seed Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


This base mix is Bill's baby and he's darned proud of it! The Four Seasons Mix is a supremely effective long term bait which, as its name suggests, works all year round. Though it contains a small amount of birdfood in the form of Robin Red and Sluis CLO, it goes a lot further down the road of digestion and nutrition than any ordinary birdfood. The mix contains both kelp powder AND dried seaweed granules to add the key essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as the same human grade liver powder found in our other mixes. These are complemented with Nutragel, the highly effective gelling agent that reduces boiling time to 75 seconds, thus maintaining nutritional goodness in the bait. Nutrabaits can thoroughly recommend any of our attractor packages with this mix but one that seems to work amazingly well year after year is Fruit Special. Alternatively, try Pineapple Nutrafruit in the winter as this is an excellent cold water attractor.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU008  Nutrabaits Four Seasons Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU028  Nutrabaits Four Seasons Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU048  Nutrabaits Four Seasons Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


Nutrabaits can justifiably claim that this ground-breaking Mix represents the future of carp baits, setting previously unobtainable levels of attraction, palatability and nutritional quality... in short Trigga is the Ultimate Food Source carp bait. No additives are required apart from the suggested level of Liquid Trigga which has been specifically designed to complement this superb Base Mix.

Having said that, several of our fieldtesters have been playing around in recent months in an attempt to increase Trigga's attraction qualities still further, and results clearly indicate that, if you get the urge to tinker with the standard recipe, there's only really one way to go... Green Lipped Mussel Extract at up to 10g per 500g mix. Like all baits that carry the Nutrabaits seal of approval, Trigga rolls supremely well and boils considerably harder than most other baits for a given cooking time.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU011  Nutrabaits Trigga Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU031  Nutrabaits Trigga Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU052  Nutrabaits Trigga Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


The eagerly awaited 'Iced' version of the awesome Trigga Base Mix. To add to both the cold weather and short term attraction qualities we have added a high-tec blend of natural emulsifiers and powdered spice extracts, to the now familiar combination of Trigga powder, pre-digested marine meals, low fat oceanic proteins, milk and whey proteins and vitamins and minerals.

As with the original mix, no additional additives are required, apart from the dedicated 'Trigga Ice' liquid food source that has been specifically designed to complement this superb bait. In common with all the base mixes that bear the Nutrabaits seal of approval, it goes without saying that Trigga Ice rolls exceptionally well and boils hard without any need for excessive cooking times.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU012  Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU032  Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU053  Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW 


Short and long-term attraction, nutritional balance and a unique crunchy texture are all taken care of in this stunning combination of Salmon Protein Meal, Low Fat Oceanic Protein, Yeast Protein, Milk and Whey Protein, Crushed Hard and Soft Marine Shells, Sluis CLO, Mixed Mesh Dried Seaweed and Betaine HC1. No additional additives are required apart from the suggested level of Liquid 3D, which has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with this superb base mix.

DIY production really is simplicity itself. Break five eggs into a bowl, add the required level of Liquid 3D and then gradually add the required quantity of base mix until a satisfactory consistency is achieved. Despite the amount of coarse and crunchy bits and pieces that are included in the mix, you will still find 3D very easy to roll and that the finished baits will boil hard without any need for excessive cooking times.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU013  Nutrabaits 3D Base Mix 1.5kg £13.50 BUY NOW
 NU033  Nutrabaits 3D Base Mix 10kg £84.00 BUY NOW
 NU054  Nutrabaits 3D Base Mix 20kg £160.00 BUY NOW


When Nutrabaits were asked for a low cost mix that blended human food grade products together with selected low cost proteins, we thought long and hard before coming up with The Nutramix. This is the mix for the guy who needs all the essential digestion and nutrition qualities for which we have become famous but at a budget price. Consequently, the Nutramix has no expensive milk proteins or complex fishmeals; what it DOES have is a blend of whey protein and maize meal which is very high in digestible cereal protein.

Since its release many anglers have told us that they often use Nutramix as part of a blend with other ingredients or mixes to give their bait that distinctive signal others may be lacking. Try adding 2oz of Robin Red to 14oz of The Nutramix for a very 'different' bait, or maybe mix it 50/50 with Fishfood Mix to spread the cost of the more expensive fishmeal base.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU010  Nutrabaits The Nutra Base Mix 1.5kg £6.85 BUY NOW
 NU030  Nutrabaits The Nutra Base Mix 10kg £44.00 BUY NOW
 NU050  Nutrabaits The Nutra Base Mix 20kg £79.90 BUY NOW


The mix is made up with a blend of high quality human grade food ingredients that make it easy to roll, and it will boil hard in just 90 seconds. We particularly recommend The 50/50 Mix for foreign trips when you can make up a more individual bait to your own specific recipe rather than rely on ready-mades which are the first choice of many anglers fishing abroad.

If you add our own shelf-life additive, Preservabait, then air dry the baits for two to three weeks, you will find The 50/50 Mix will air dry to a rock hard consistency that will defeat the most determined poisson chat or crayfish. The 50/50 Mix represents amazing value for money, so much so that we are confident enough to sell it only in 2.5kg bags. Each bag is printed with complete mixing instructions along with Bill and Richard's favourite recipes.

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Our Price Purchase
 NU061  Nutrabaits The 50/50 Boilie Mix 2.5kg £9.90 BUY NOW
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