Preston Innovations 2015 Fishing Tackle Products
Preston Soft Shell Jacket

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Preston White T-Shirt

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Preston Innovations have a principle to provide effective products that really do make a difference on the bank, products that you, the angler, will find useful and effective in your own fishing. As you have come to expect from Preston Innovations, everything in their product range has been designed for a purpose. Preston Innovations invest a huge amount of time following modern tactics and methods used by leading match anglers. By working alongside their large team of talented consultants, who are on the bank week after week, Preston Innovations are able to stay one step ahead of the competition, which ultimately helps you catch more fish. Once Preston Innovations have identified the need for a product to perform a certain task, Preston Innovations design prototypes and test them.

 Preston Innovations then perfect the manufacturing process, refine it, and test them again. Only once these products are right do Preston Innovations launch them into the angling market. It is why almost all of the products featured on this website are unique to us, Preston Innovations design products ourselves , often investing large amounts of money in tooling and machinery, because that way Preston Innovations know they will always be as good as they can be, something that shows in the finished product and makes us stand out from the crowd.

Preston Innovations are not one to rest on their laurels and their philosophy will never change, Preston Innovations will continue to strive to design and produce the most innovative and effective products on the market. And with angling brains such as those of former World Champion Tommy Pickering, England regular Des Shipp and Lee Edwards who has become an integral part of the welsh squad - to help them, Preston Innovations know that what Preston Innovations launch on the market is the best gear you can fish with anywhere in the World, meaning you can put your faith in Preston Innovations - the tackle of internationals, World champions and modern anglers alike.

 Preston Innovations

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General Fishing.

PXR is Preston Innovations new match reel range. Designed especially for match fishing in the UK, there are two models that will cover almost all situations
The Carbon Active brand is now established and recognised as one of the leading names in the quality rod market - symbolising design, build quality and reliability. The range has attracted acclaim from all areas of the angling trade - Retailers, Journalists and Anglers alike have all voiced their appreciation resulting in the product receiving a vast array of prestigious awards since its introduction..
Manufactured using the latest technology & materials, all Preston poles combine strength, lightness and stiffness, providing the perfect balance whichever model you select. Each pole is extensively tested by their angling consultants and subjected to rigid quality checks.
Preston Innovations Pole AccessoriesCLICK HEREPRESTON POLE ACCESSORIES
Preston Innovations Seat Boxes and Seat Box AccessoriesCLICK HEREPRESTON SEAT BOXES & ACCESSORIES
On Box has been designed by the Preston Innovations design team to address many of the faults found in other seat boxes.  They offer excellent stability, high quality workmanship and lightness, whilst their Off Box range of accessories will add new dimensions to your box and enable you to extend the usefulness of your box!
Preston Innovations On Bax AccessoriesCLICK HEREON BOX ACCESSORIES
Preston Innovations Off Box AccessoriesCLICK HEREOFF BOX ACCESSORIES
Preston Innovations Off Box AccessoriesCLICK HEREOFF BOX PRO
Preston Innovations In Box AccessoriesCLICK HEREIN BOX ACCESSORIES
Preston Innovations On Box TrolliesCLICK HEREON BOX TROLLIES
Preston has a range of trollies and shuttles to go with your seat boxes.
Preston Innovations Pole RollersCLICK HEREPOLE ROLLERS & TRIPODS
See our selection of pole rollers and accessories
Preston Innovations have recognised the growing demand for chairs to use for feeder style angling developing a chair which incorporates adjustable legs that can be used with the OffBox range of products to offer a complete fishing station 
Preston Innovations have a couple of great luggage ranges to protect your fishing tackle and get it to the bank as easy as possible, choose a Preston piece of luggage and you get a high quality well made product that will serve you well!
Preston Innovations ClothingCLICK HERECLOTHING RANGE
If you are seeking the ultimate in weather protection, then this range from Preston Innovations is for you!

New Products for the 2015 Season
Preston Inovations UmbrellasCLICK HEREUMBRELLAS
Preston has two styles of umbrellas for you to select from the Flat Back Brolly and the Multi Tilt Fibreglass Brolly.
Preston Innovations Landing Nets, Keepnets and Net PolesCLICK HERENETS, KEEPNETS, LANDING NET POLES
Preston Innovations produce a comprehensive range of fish friendly keep nets and landing nets and all models have accreditation from the Angling Foundation. To complement the nets are the very popular Easy Net and Match landing net handles.
Preston Innovations Fishing AccessoriesCLICK HEREACCESSORIES
Preston offer a comprehensive range of pole accessories which should cover all of your needs.
Preston Innovations Floats and WagglersCLICK HEREFLOATS & WAGGERS
Preston has a comprehensive range of Floats & Wagglers and many of them are in stock at Climax Tackle
Prestion Innovations FeedersCLICK HEREFEEDERS
Preston has a comprehensive range of Floats & Wagglers and many of them are in stock at Climax Tackle
Preston Innovations Lines and BraidsCLICK HERELINES & BRAID
Reflo lines from Preston Innovations are some of the most technologically advanced lines available and have been designed and selected especially for angling in the UK.
Two DVD's are currently available, The Clash of the Titans and Absolute Match Fishing
The polarised lens removes the glare on the water allowing you to see down below the surface, making fish spotting much easier as objects will appear more defined, sharper and naturally coloured. The glasses have a UV400 rating, providing complete protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Available with grey or brown lenses in Sports or Classic and supplied in a robust hard case with lanyard 
Preston TowelTOWEL
Back by popular demand, this handy sized towel is ideal for keeping your hands clean and dry when fishing. 

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