Carp & Specimen Reuben Heaton Thermometers & Depthymeters


Our standard anglers thermometer can be used conventionally as a hand held unit or at distance. For temperature readings at distance simply attach to the main line and cast out. The shock resistant casing protects the thermometer inside, and also traps a sample of water to reduce temperature change on the retrieve. 

Features include the following:

  • Can be hand held or cast out with rod and line.
  • Shock proof to withstand casting over distances.
  • Traps water sample to avoid wind chill on retrieve and give an accurate reading.
  • Dual scale: 10C up to + 40C. - 30F up to 100F.
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 RHTH1  Reuben Heaton Thermometer 19.99 BUY NOW


The anglers depthometer provides a simple and cost effective way of measuring water depth. The anglers depthometer can be cast out from the bank or lowered from a boat, allowing the angler to map out large areas of water and find hidden features that may hold fish. Simply attach the depthometer to the line and cast out to the desired area. Allow the depthometer to sink to the bottom and then retrieve. The water depth is indicated by the water level inside the depthometer

Features include the following:

  • Easy to use device for anglers wanting to measure swim depth or map out underwater features.
  • Can be fixed to hand line or cast out with rod and line.
  • Simply cast out to desired location, allow to sink to the bottom, and retrieve.
  • Imperial DM1 - from 5 feet up to 80 feet.
  • Metric DM2 - from 1.5 meters up to 24 meters
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 RHDM1  Reuben Heaton Imperial Depthometer 14.99 BUY NOW
 RHDM2  Reuben Heaton Metric Depthometer 14.50 BUY NOW
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