Carp & Specimen X Line At Climax Tackle

X-line Flourocarbon Fishing LineThe refractive properties of Flouro' mean it does almost disappear underwater, and its density nails it down to the lake bed to avoid spooking fish. All this combined with minimal stretch for improved indication mean that X-Line can truly give you an edge. Just take a look at the Korda DVD series to see just how well it works.

One thing to be aware of is that fluorocarbon by nature is stiffer than mono, so if your looking to cast any reasonable distance stick to a 12lb or 15lb line. Above that the springiness' can make things go a little pear shaped but if your after a line specifically for margin work the 20lb is still well worth considering for their extra strength and weight gives great confidence and sinks hard. 

ts quality gear though and well worth a look.......not that you'll see it!

 Ordering Information
 Code  Description Diameter Our Price Purchase
 XLINE10600  600m Spool of 10lb X-Line 0.024mm 29.99 BUY NOW
 XLINE12600   600m Spool of 12lb X-Line  0.026mm 29.99 BUY NOW
 XLINE15600   600m Spool of 15lb X-Line  0.031mm 29.99 BUY NOW
 XLINE17600   600m Spool of 17lb X-Line  0.033mm 29.99 BUY NOW
 XLINE20600   600m Spool of 20lb X-Line  0.037mm 29.99 BUY NOW
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